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Breathing Vibrance into Women’s Swimwear

Bronzed Babe Swim is a premium swimwear brand focused on flattering the body you’ve worked hard to cultivate. Our approach to empowerment is simple: we design unique bikinis that ooze vibrance, playfulness, and unapologetic confidence.

With a wide array of posh designs and alluring colors, we’re breathing some much-needed back into beach wear. Life is short, so why not celebrate your beautiful body with a bold bikini?

As a woman-led brand, we’re committed to providing swimwear for women that’s easy to move in, comfortable along each cut, and flattering for every occasion.

Bold Bikinis That Start Conversations
Nothing boosts confidence like turning every head in the room. With a focus on captivating colors and glamorous styles, each of our bikinis are created to shine a spotlight on one person: you. Our collection features diverse beach wear guaranteed to flatter in all the right spots.


The Bronzed Babe Swim Founder and CEO Lisa Ly brings an instinct for fashion, a knack for color, and a passion for tropical traveling to each of her unique bikini designs. When she’s not running her business from the most beautiful beaches in the world, she’s on the hunt for the next exclusive tropical destination.

No one knows women’s swimwear like Lisa Ly. Whatever’s trending next in the world of beach wear, she’s already incorporated it into the Bronzed Babe Swim collection.